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Grading of Product

Condition of Media


As you browse our Website you will notice that we sell a mixture of new and used products.

We therefore grade each product to enable you as a customer to buy with an insight into the condition

of the product and the sleeve. The grading for each product on the site is listed along with all of the other

relevant information relating to each individual product.They have been graded according to quality,

condition and rarity. If you require further information on a product or verification of condition then

please use our contact us page before ordering as returns of used productl are not accepted.


In addition to grading the Vinyl / CD (Media) we also grade the sleeve (cover) and show the two

grading seperately.As a general rule in relation to used vinyl, we find in the majority of

instances that the covers will be slightly more worn than the vinyl / CD, and in some cases the

record may not be in its original cover but in a plain sleeve. This could result in some

products being given for an example a grading of vg on the vinyl and mint for the sleeve. In

addition in some instances we may be selling a repressed version of a track, this happens when

the record is originally pressed and the record label presses for example an initial run of 500

copies, this initial run may have been sold in a colour picture sleeve. Then when this initial

500 has sold out they do a second pressing of the record, this is called a repress but instead

of a colour sleeve this pressing is in a plain or more generic label sleeve.Example of this can

be seen with artists such as deadmau5 and with releases on the Nukleuz label, although the

record itself will be the same and carry the same release code the packaging is very different.


Please also be aware that sometimes our suppliers send us new products and despite being new and

unplayed they arrive at our warehouse with very minor damage to the sleeve. Despite this

imperfection we would still class this as new as the record has never been sold to a member of

the public and will be straight from the distributor to us and then to you. If when picking your

order we find that one of the new items you have ordered has cover damage we will email you

prior to dispatch to discuss the matter further.


Please note that all images on the Website are for illustration purposes only and are not actual

pictures of the product that is for sale or of the covers containing the product  that is for sale.


All weights displayed on the site are for rough guidance only and do not represent the accurate

weight for a product, they are a rough average used to calculate the postal costs as products,

sleeves and cases can vary in size and weight.


We double check the condition of each product before dispatch to ensure accurate grading therefore

no used items will be excepted back for return as they are sold to you as used, not new and in

addition the grading method we use is for guidance only. We are conscious that depending on the

equipment used to play a record sound quality can vary dramatically. We use a Technics 1210 mk2

with an ortofon pro s stylus to grade the quality of a vinyl. We believe Ortofon stylus

offer a superior frequency and audio range and find that they play new and used vinyl more

consistently and reliably than any other stylus we have tested.However if you are dissatisfied

with a product then please use our contact us page and we will try and resolve

any issues you may have.



Vinyl & General Grading


NEW = NEW / New, straight off the shelf just as the distributor sent it to us please see

condition of media information for more information


M = MINT / May have been played but with no sign of being played, looks and plays like new


NM = NEAR MINT / Has been played a few times, but still looks and plays like new


VG+ = VERY GOOD PLUS / Has been played quite a few times, looks good but may have some

very minor surface marks which do not affect playback


VG = VERY GOOD / Has been well played, looks and plays well will have some surface marks and

some signs of wear with barely detectable crackles or pops


G = GOOD / Has been well played, looks played but sounds good and plays well, may have a few

surface marks which can be heard but don't affect the overall playback


G- = GOOD MINUS / Has been very well played, will play, several surface marks which will affect

the playback with audible pops and crackles, although at a similar volume to the music


P = POOR / Very well played, looks well played, but will play, plenty of surface marks will

affect the playback, with regular audible pops and crackles which can at times be heard over the




Cover Grading


Please note if a sleeve is no longer able to contain the record due to damage we will firstly

attempt to repair it and if that is not possible we will put it in a new plain sleeve. This will be catalogued

as a plain sleeve.


NEW = NEW / New, straight off the shelf just as the distributor sent it to us please see

condition of media information for more information


M = MINT / We know its used but it doesn't look used


NM = NEAR MINT / Sleeve has very minor wear and looks nearly as good as new


VG+ = VERY GOOD PLUS / The sleeve has a little bit of wear, possibly corner damage


VG = VERY GOOD / The sleeve is worn with use, with in some instances corner damage


G = GOOD / The sleeve is well worn but is still protecting the vinyl


G- = GOOD MINUS / The sleeve will be damaged and may have been repaired with tape


P = POOR / The sleeve will be badly damaged, and chances are it will have been repaired with

either tape or glue.